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The founding members consist of nine active scholars from the Universities of Tübingen, (Prof. Eugenio Coseriu), Heidelberg (Prof. Peter Hellwig and Prof. Robert Schmitt-Brandt), Mannheim (Dr. Habil. Gabriel Birken-Silverman, Marc André Koschel, Prof. P. Sture Ureland and Dr. Peter Wagener), St. Petersburg (Prof. Vadim Kassevich), Vilnius and Olsztyn (Prof. Olga Voronkova).

The first meeting took place on Jan. 23, 1999 in the Dean’s conference room of the Faculty of Language and Literature of the University of Mannheim. In the initial elections to the executive board on March 2, 1999, five additional scholars joined the list of members: Dr. Deltcheva-Kampf, Marina Denisova, Prof. Werner Geißler and Prof. Gottfried Niedhart. Prof. P. Sture Ureland was elected first chairman and Dr. Peter Wagener second chairman. In the third meeting on June 12, 1999, Dr. Gerhard Schäffner, University of Lüneburg, was elected treasurer and Dr. Eckerhardt Jussli, Leimen, auditor of finances. In all, sixteen persons took part in the second meeting during which Yeosoon Kwon, Seoul became a new member.

After this intial phase ELAMA has attracted an increasing number of graduate students and private persons interested in things European, whereby the contacts with the universities in Rome, Teramo and Molise have stimulated the foundation of Associazione Eurolinguistica Sud (AES), which was formed in April 2005 with a constitution of its own and with the headquarters at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Furthermore, in the presence of 26 members of three different branches of Eurolinguistics (ELAMA, AES and the new branch called Eurolinguistic Network South East (ENSE) founded in 2007), the basis of a wider umbrella association, Eurolinguistic Association (ELA), was laid at the Lille Confeence on Oct. 22, 2007 whose primary aim is the cooperation between European branches to further Eurolinguistic studies and research (for details see Eurolinguistics Newsletter No. 4, April 2008: pp. 2-6 and Fig. 1 below).